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Left unchecked, generations repeat the mistakes modeled to them at a young age. The epidemic of fatherlessness is dramatically leaving a mark on our society and around the world. In the vacuum of strong family leadership, children and their caregivers experience financial instability, material hardship and unstable family relationships.(a) School performance suffers and behavioral problems develop along with a sense of shame and social stigma.(b)

Fatherless children are more likely to end up homeless, exhibit behavioral disorders, check in to chemical abuse centers, spend time in prisons and, sadly, commit suicide.

This is not okay.

The cost is great, not only to these families, but to society as well.

Our vision is that every child would have a godly father who is building a legacy of faith in Christ.

Our mission is to glorify God by inspiring and equipping men, families, churches and communities to develop godly fathers.

To this end, we do ministry by holding firm to these values:

  • Prioritize the gospel.
  • Glorify God in everything we do.
  • Uphold character in ourselves.
  • Live a life of service to others.
  • Maintain excellence in our pursuits and relationships.
  • If we can serve you, your church, or a group you are affiliated with, please contact us today. We'd love to join you in the pursuit of equipping fathers to build a legacy of faith in Christ.


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