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quick facts

Here is a quick reference on some of the basics of Awana Lifeline:

  • The ministry effort that has become Awana Lifeline launched at Angola Prison in Louisiana in 2004. From serving the fathers at Angola, other prisons quickly became interested in our products and services.
  • To date, over 50 jails or prisons have used our Malachi Dads program, with over 1,500 men having graduated.
  • "Malachi Dads" is based on the vision of reconciliation of fathers and their children found in Malachi 4:6.
  • In 2011 we created the Inmate Challenge DVD, which is a video and bible study by inmates and for inmates - challenging them to live a life of purpose and intentionality.
  • Three Returning Hearts Celebrations took place in 2011, including our largest ever at Angola Prison. Despite a last-minute date change due to Mississippi River flooding, over 1,400 people participated including 621 kids, 262 dads, 160 guardians, and over 400 volunteers.
  • In late 2011, we started our expansion initiative to bring the message of hope and building a legacy outside jails and prisons and into local churches and community settings.
  • In 2011, we launched our first men's conference - the Turn Assembly - where men are challenged and inspired by others on being godly fathers and building a legacy of faith in Christ.
  • Currently in production is a book highlighting the vision and importance of being a Malachi Dad [scheduled for release late-Spring 2012].
  • Also currently in production is a series of study guides to be used by Malachi Dads groups (inside or outside of prisons), building on the foundation of what makes a Malachi Dad. [scheduled for release Summer 2012].
  • While a ministry launched from Awana Clubs International, Awana Lifeline is its own non-profit organization and relies completely on the generosity of donors to sustain the ministry and expand its reach.
  • All facts accurate as of February 2012.